In today's dynamic and turbulent business environment, there is a strong need for an organization to become globally competitive. The survival guide to competitiveness is to be closer to the customer, and deliver value added products and services in the shortest possible time.

Thoran Technologies provides comprehensive consulting services for SAP in the area of Business Consulting, Application Consultancy, Technical Consulting, ABAP/4 Programming and Basis Consulting.

Our consulting services include:

  • Customer-focused services for its enterprise application solutions
  • Rapid implementation of solutions
  • A comprehensive set of expert services to support all phases of the Implementation—from startup and initial implementation, through ongoing application management, enhancements and continuous improvement
  • Implementation, Customer Support, Training, Optimization, Customization and Technical services

Our consulting solutions:

Project Planning and Analysis

Our consultants can develop your project specification and ensure that your goals and budgets are met. We begin every planning project with a thorough needs assessment. This effort provides us with an overview of your business, industry and project, and enables us to deliver a set of well-reasoned, goal-oriented recommendations.

After the recommendations have been considered, and initial budget ranges have been set, we then commence solution planning. During planning, we work closely with you and your team to ensure that the project is refined and scrutinized at all levels. This partnership can bring about a comprehensive project specification that can help you reduce development time and cost for the remainder of the project and beyond.

Project Recovery

Do you have a project sitting frustratingly unfinished? As the economy changes, companies that cannot deliver what they pledge are quickly going out of business, to the aggravation of many of their clients. Left by the wayside are many promises and unfinished undertakings. We are experienced at picking up the pieces and resurrecting projects from the dead.


Having worked with many startup businesses, we are aware and sensitive to their special needs. Our SmartStart solution is a way to get your new business off the ground and improve its chances for a healthy start in the business world.

Usability Studies

Do visitors have difficulty understanding your company's services or identifying your main call to action? It is common for users to get confused by an interface and find it difficult to navigate, complete a task, or make a purchase. As experts in information architecture, we can analyze your site for weaknesses in usability and design and provide you with a detailed roadmap for correcting the problems.