The best solution for a company is the one that allows it to conduct its current business more efficiently and at a lower cost. Outsourcing is not just a strategy for cost reduction. It is in fact, a strategic service and an essential element of growth.

Software Outsourcing has long passed the buzzword stage. It is now an IT trend, which has grown, matured and lived up to its potential. It has become increasingly popular with companies that wish to cut costs while gaining access to world-class software engineers.

Key Benefits of Software Outsourcing:

Cost Efficiency

Labor cost savings may reach 90% for routine low-level tasks as compared with in-house development in North America and Western Europe. Significant reduction of development time and, thus, speed-to-market becomes invaluable advantage in a present-day competitive environment.

Availability of trained IT staff

Immediate access to a large pool of best industry talents allows overcoming hiring gap for IT professionals in the developed countries.

Flexible manpower utilization

By using outsourcing, companies cut down its housing, recruiting and training expenses.

No up-front investments

No up-front investments on customers' end.

Outsourcing Software Development Process:

Feasibility Analysis

Feasibility is one of the most important aspects of any project. An application or product that is feasible at one point in time may become infeasible later. Identifying the possible future scenario, technical and economical feasibility study is conducted to decide goal and development requirements.

System Analysis and Prototyping

System analysis and prototyping is done based on client requirements. Functionalities and user interface design is done at this stage.


Based on system analysis and prototypes, coding takes place.


Requirement testing and product testing is done after implementation.

Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore software development in India is targeted by half of all the Fortune 500 companies today. India's advantage over other competing destinations in offshore IT outsourcing business is the vast pool of educated human resource, world-class quality offerings and ever encouraging Government policies for the IT sectors.

Frequently, businesses face IT challenges that are unique to their organizations or they may have more work than their existing IT team can effectively manage. Thoran’s experienced team can work closely with your staff to understand your unique business problems so that you can deliver, implement, and provide unique solutions. Thoran can support both on-site as well as offshore-based project.

What are the benefits of IT outsourcing?

As companies struggle to find and retain quality IT staff, provide a high level of internal customers support, and reduce overall operating costs, many are turning to an external service provider to develop and manage their computing infrastructure. Instead of investing internal resources, these companies are able to focus on their core business competencies while outsourcing their IT challenges to a trusted third-party service provider.

Outsourcing can bring multiple benefits to an organization:

  • Improved level of support offered to the end user
  • Improved focus on core business
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced time to respond to desktop incidents
  • Improved system reliability