We understand the positive impact that software can have on your organization and therefore will always ensure that the information we present to you is an accurate reflection of your organization’s needs. Our professional service, integrity and expertise will help you make well-informed decisions, which will reliably meet such needs.

But our service does not end there! The smooth introduction of new software is vital for business success; thus, we guarantee each and every client a commitment to provide on-going software support, backup, and system growth.

Our dedicated team of IT trainers and consultants are adept in building scalable and secure business software, integrating disconnected systems, and making sense of distributed data sources. We can help you leverage industry best practices in software lifecycle management so that you can focus on your core business competencies.

The Microsoft .NET framework is a major step forward in software development, providing unprecedented flexibility and time-to-market to any businesses.

.NET allows heterogonous systems and applications to coordinate with each other in ways you never thought possible. This enables firms to streamline their processes and make business easier, faster, and more reliable.

With Microsoft .Net framework, you can integrate with diverse systems in no time and with fewer efforts. For business firms, this transforms into an advantage when migrating to a different system. For developers, the .Net framework can become a single source for all their development needs. And for end users, the framework based applications are stable, simpler and easier to use.

Applications developed on .NET technology have helped many industry leaders increase productivity and raise their bottom line. By taking advantage of .NET applications, you join the increasing number of businesses that have grown on the strengths of .NET Framework.

How can Thoran help in .Net Programming & Applications Development?

Business-driven Applications

We focus on solving real business problems through effective use of .Net Framework.

Business above Technology

We bring unique combination of .Net Framework’s technical depth and business knowledge to our client engagements.

Scalable and Secure

Scalability and security are one of the important criteria throughout the .Net application development process at Thoran. We aim to maximize your ROI in the present and in the foreseeable future.

.Net Framework Consulting Expertise

Microsoft .Net

Thoran provides consulting services for designing and developing .NET applications. Our application and .Net consulting services seamlessly connect your business with customers, vendors and other important associates.

Our Process

Our process strictly follows your business goals, constraints or variables that affect your business and deploys a solution within the decided deadlines. After carefully conducting the .Net Feasibility Analysis for your business, we work with you to create a plan that will put your company in a leadership position.

Thoran guides you through every step of your firm’s transformation from a simple company into a true enterprise of the 21st century.

To keep up with today's mobile-savvy customers, retailers need to evaluate their options and implement the right tools to provide a seamless experience across every touchpoint.

We build commercial website solutions that best meet your business needs and manage it for you so that you can focus on your core business.

Our E-commerce practice helps you to:

  • Increase your service power to your customers
  • Design and launch new products and services
  • Enhance your customer access to their business
  • Reduce distribution costs
  • Improve speed to market
  • Get new customers
  • Improve brand building

E-commerce Solutions

With our expertise in online stores, web design, database development and hosting, we enable you to cost-effectively deploy powerful e-commerce stores while avoiding the expensive, time-consuming development process.

Thoran’s web team offers complete web consultancy, which involves planning, developing, producing and actively maintaining Portals, B2B and B2C sites.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the backbone of e-Business and has become the foundation for corporates all over the world. ERP applications are very effective at streamlining business processes that cut across the functional areas of your business. By sharing common information across an integrated set of application modules, ERP can speed up transactions across your business functions, thereby maximizing efficiency, utilization of resources and reducing cost of operation. A few essential elements of an ERP application include Human Resources, Accounting and Financials, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning and Control, and Logistics.

With our expertise in ERP, we help our customers form strategic partnerships, acquire the resources needed for ERP implementation, and develop a business model for the ERP solution. We assist our customers in choosing from various ERP application suites based on the needs of the business and the functionality of the ERP suite.

Our methodology:

User feedback on the proposed new system

Defining the benefits of the new system

Preparing the Business model

Planning for Implementation


Our experts have acquired considerable functional expertise in evaluating user requirements and managing ERP projects in some of the most popular ERP suites like SAP, Oracle Financials, and People Soft. We build and deploy ERP applications, which includes organization design, best practices evaluation, change communication and planning, configuration of the ERP app, data conversion and migration, documentation, testing, skills transfer, and on-the-job-training. We also provide total support on infrastructure management, application management and business process management.

ERP Solutions

At Thoran, we bring on board an inherent appreciation of the vital nature of ERP. Our capabilities include handling hybrid networks like VSATs and leased lines, to managing diverse implementation conditions ranging from hooked up point-of-sale terminals to larger complicated networks. We deal with large databases and huge transaction volumes, often with mission critical applications. We have gained invaluable experience along the way while handling complex business applications ranging from FMCGs and retail chains to pharmaceutical, construction, engineering and chemical companies.

Along with ERP solutions, we undertake turnkey software development consisting of complete computerization of a company — from raw material planning, sales order and dispatch planning, production planning, costing, invoicing, financial analysis, balance sheet reporting, and deployment of the package on a national level to various branches.

Integrating disparate systems into function-rich business processes have always been a challenge for IT organizations. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) makes it easier to integrate your legacy systems and new services by using well-defined interfaces between services.

At Thoran, we have experienced professionals that can handle your SOA integration projects. We can provide the required skill sets and best practices to guide your people in the implementation of your projects-from start to finish.

Our SOA Solutions help you to realize:

Faster time to market

Better application consistency

Increased agility

Lower costs

As more people shift from their work habits-working out of the office and using mobile devices, there is a need to build mobile applications that will cater to the needs of a mobile savvy workforce. Organizations are now using cloud services with their mobile devices to perform business tasks and to collaborate and create seamless experiences with their employees and customers.

Thoran has the expertise to help you create a mobile app development strategy that will extend your legacy applications to a mobile environment. Our adept professionals can support your people from complex deployments and provide easy-to-use tools for easier implementation. We have ready-to-deploy solutions that can hasten time to market designed for varied verticals.

Mobility Solutions

Mobility Consulting

Mobile Application Development

BYOD and Device Management

Our Mobility Solutions help you to:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Simplify device management
  • Improve productivity
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Provide greater flexibility
  • Gain and sustain a competitive advantage